Imbirel is the main helper during the flu and Covid-19 pandemic.

January 20 2021

The coronavirus and flu pandemic has spread rapidly around the world and many are concerned about how to protect themselves in this situation? Unfortunately, the use of personal protective equipment alone is not enough, because in the matter of health, first of all, a strong immune system is important. Imbirel is a unique vitamin complex that helps to strengthen the immune system and maintain it at the proper level. The antiviral effect of the main components of Imbirel — echinacea purpurea and ginger officinalis — is enhanced by a number of vitamins, which together act as a powerful immunomodulator, allowing the body to increase resistance to various diseases, including influenza and Covid-19, as well as to prevent the development of complications.


Imbirel - vitamin support for cold season!

January 21, 2020

In January, Miopharm product line was expanded with a new product - lmbirel - a warming drink with vitamins. Thanks to a balanced combination of the components enriched with a whole complex of various vitamins, Imbirel helps strengthen immunity, generate energy and strength, thereby helping the body withstand seasonal colds.